20w Versatile LED EM Backup Driver

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Provides 170VDC (or 120VAC) constant output to the load during emergency mode operation. For use with switched or un-switched fixtures. Can be used with LED lamp loads of up to 20w.

Compatible with LED tubes and retrofit downlight fixtures. 


  • Charge/Power "ON" LED indicator light and push-to-test switch to mandated code compliance testing
  • Long-life, maintenance free, rechargeable NiCad battery
  • Output short/overcurrent protection: Electronic limiting, with normal operation resuming upon removal of fault
  • 90 minute minimum emergency operating time over full temperature range
  • 24 hour maximum battery recharge time
  • LED illuminated and remote mounted test switch
  • Durable painted steel construction in red/orange finish
  • Provided with 18" flex conduits on both ends
  • Suitable for installation inside or top of the fixture

Spec Sheet


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