Emergency Ballast and Driver



Provides constant power output to the load during emergency mode operation. Can be operated as NORMALLY-ON, NORMALLY-OFF or SWITCHED LOAD.

For use with panels, center baskets, strips and high bay fixtures.


    • Universal 120-277V, 50/60 Hz input
    • Charge/Power “ON” LED indicator light and push-to-test switch for mandated code compliance testing
    • Long-life, maintenance free, rechargeable NiCad battery
    • Output short/overcurrent protection: Electronic limiting, with normal operation resuming upon removal of fault
    • 90 Minute minimum emergency operating time over full temperature range (other run times available upon request)
    • Output classification: Class 2 Compliant. Surge protection: Per C62.41 (TVS)
    • Input overcurrent protection: Fusible link
    • 24 Hour maximum battery recharge time

    Spec Sheet


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